Three Years of Barrack Obama

January, 2012: Three Years of Barrack Obama

In 2008, Obama campaigned on nothing more than the vague sound bite of “hope and change.” This suckered in nearly everybody. After all, who among us doesn’t hope for something or other? And, who wouldn’t like a few changes?

Throw in six decades of white guilt and the least inspiring Republican candidate of modern times, John McCain, and what do you get? Why, Barrack Obama in the White House. That’s what.

Hope and change quickly morphed into “fundamentally changing America.” And now, three years later, it is painfully obvious what that means. Out with freedom. Out with free enterprise. Out with jobs. Out with the can-do spirit that formerly defined this great nation. In with Marxism. In with Islam. In with class warfare. In with Constitutional lawlessness. In with open hostility to the vast majority of Americans.

Sadly, the warning signs of Obama’s Marxism were there for anyone to see as far back as the campaign. Obama had spent his formative years in Indonesia, an exclusively Muslim nation, and attended Muslim schools. It’s hard to believe Obama wasn’t heavily indoctrinated into America-hating Islam during this time.

Obama didn’t set foot on mainland America until he was 18. There’s no way he could have any real sense of what it is to be an American. You can’t become an American by reading about it. You have to live it.

Obama spent twenty years listening to the vile anti-white rantings of Jeremiah Wright in Wright’s Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago. Curiously, Obama claims he never heard Wright utter a single harsh word against white people. Really? Jeremiah Wright’s favorite saying is, “It’s not God Bless America, it’s God Damn America.”

But, Americans didn’t want to be bothered with any of this. Hope and change was working its magic. Obamamania was in full bloom. And, sure enough, Obama won the presidential election in a landslide and was inaugurated in January, 2009.

Here are a dirty dozen of His Majesty’s ‘accomplishments’ since taking office.

01) Stimulus I. With the help of the certifiably crazy Nancy Pelosi, Obama blitzkrieged a massive trillion dollar stimulus bill through Congress. The money created no jobs, except in the mind of looney-tune Vice President, Joe Biden.

02) Obamacare. Obama bullied and bribed Congress into passing a disastrous government takeover of healthcare. By the time this monstrosity was passed, fully three-fourths of the American people were dead set against it. But Obama didn’t give a rat’s ass what Americans  wanted. He was on a mission, and this bill was going to be his Heisman Trophy.

03) Bailouts. Obama used taxpayer money to  bail out Wall Street, banks and car companies, making them dependent on the government in the process. This is exactly what a dictator does.

04) Wars. Obama, without invitation, got involved in Egypt’s ouster of Dictator Hosni Mubarak. He then embroiled the U.S. in a third overseas war, this time with Libya, without the consent of Congress. These were precisely the kind of things, when Obama was still a Senator, for which he so vilified George Bush.

05) Assassination. Obama signed the order for the assassination of Osama bin Laden. This resulted in Navy SEALs secretly popping into Pakistan and blowing Osama’s brains out. There’s something perversely strange, though, about this whole episode. You see, Obama has always been vehemently opposed to torture and especially waterboarding. Yet, he has no problem with firing 9 mm bullets into somebody’s face? Who knew?

06) Immigration. Obama refuses to do anything about illegal immigration and has sicced his scandal-ridden and racist black Attorney General, Eric Holder, on any state which attempts to deal with the problem on its own. The reason? Ten or twenty million future voting puppets for the Democrat Party.

07) Israel and Iran. Obama treats Israel, our only democratic ally in the Mideast, with complete disdain. And, he treats Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with contempt. On the other hand, Obama has nothing bad to say about Iranian nut-case, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose fantasy is to drop an atomic bomb on Israel.

08) Fast and Furious. Theoretically, this was a clandestine ATF operation to track gun runners from Arizona to drug cartel warlords in Mexico. It was a disaster, thousands of Mexicans and one American agent, being slaughtered with the assault rifles. The whole episode makes no sense until you realize that the ATF is an enforcement wing of the DOJ, the DOJ being run by Obama’s blood brother, Eric Holder. The real reason behind Fast and Furious was the same tired old liberal dream of gun control. Once the assault weapons had extracted their toll in human lives, Obama would swoop in, all irate and noble, and demand stiff gun control laws for all Americans.

09) Boeing. Obama had his sycophants at the NLRB prevent Boeing from opening a new plant in South Carolina, a project that would have created thousands of jobs. The real reason behind Obama’s decision? South Carolina is a right-to-work state, i.e. you don’t have to belong to a labor union to work there. Obama, of course, cannot count on votes from non-union workers.

10) Keystone Pipeline. Obama, who, according to himself, spends night and day worrying about jobs, also quashed the Keystone Pipeline project. This project, which would involve pumping oil from Canada to refineries in Texas, would have created tens of thousands of jobs. Obama’s reason: Some environmental-wacko nonsense about possible leaks into the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska. This is baloney. The Keystone Pipeline would involve only 250 miles of pipeline near the aquifer. There are already some 20,000 plus miles of various pipelines criss-crossing Nebraska, many of them crossing the aquifer.

11) Solyndra. Obama funneled 535 million taxpayer dollars to his pet green energy company, Solyndra. Solyndra, to the surprise of no one, went belly up within a year. Due diligence was never done on this company. Obama had steam rolled the project through so he could portray himself as the personification of green energy. Guess who’s on the hook for the $535 million? You are.

12) SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). This may well be Obama’s greatest threat of all. Ostensibly, the bill will give the federal government the power to go after online pirates – you know, people who illegally download a copyrighted Michael Jackson song. The real reason for the bill is far more insidious: It will give the federal government the power to censor the internet. Consider that throughout history, the first thing a dictator does is take over a nation’s communications. The second thing a dictator does is disarm the citizens. Obama is working on both.

Anyone who can’t see a pattern here of hatred of America is just flat out brain dead.

Obama is now campaigning for a second term, which if successful, means he won’t leave office until January, 2017. If that’s not enough to frighten the living hell out of you, I don’t know what is.


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